The 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell Shirt

With fabric as soft as silk, you will feel like wearing these shirts for all occasions. 

What is TENCEL™?

Tencel is a brand of Lyocell manufactured by the Austrian company, Lenzing. Lenzing is the leader in Lyocell fibres and TENCEL Lyocell fibres are considered to be the best in class in terms of functionality and sustainability.
At Earthy Route, all our Tencel shirts come with an official Tencel tag.

How is TENCEL™ different from cotton?

Tencel Lyocell is derived from wood pulp of trees like eucalyptus, bamboo, etc whereas cotton fibres come from cotton plants (the white fluffy bolls that you would’ve often seen).

Both the fibres are breathable and absorb moisture well and will keep you comfortable as compared to synthetic fabrics. Fabrics made from Lyocell don’t wrinkle as much as fabrics made from cotton. In terms of care, Lyocell should be washed in cold water.

Environmental Impact
Lyocell has a very low water footprint as compared to cotton fibres. It consumes atleast 80% less water for the same amount of fibres. No pesticides and chemicals are used in the cultivation of wood required for Lyocell whereas cotton cultivation requires heavy use of pesticides and chemicals.

Is TENCEL™ Lyocell really sustainable?

Yes, it is! Let’s take a look:

  • Low water consumption. It takes less than 80% of water as compared to cotton to be produced.
  • Negligible use of pesticides as compared to cotton
  • Lyocell is Biodegradable and Compostable like other natural fibres
  • Non-Toxic Chemicals are used in the manufacturing process.
  • Additionally, closed-loop processing is employed where more than 99% of residual water and chemicals are recovered and reused for the next cycle.
  • Wood sourced from sustainably managed forests - branded Lyocell fibres are usually sourced from FSC-certified wood.


It is naturally soft to touch and offers long-lasting comfort. The shirt feels like second skin!

Cotton Alternative

A great alternative to cotton, this fabric is soft and feels gentle on the skin. The Environmental Impact of Tencel is much lower than conventional cotton.

Wrinkle Resistant

Yes, the fabric is inherently wrinkle-resistant because the surface of the fibers is smooth. As a result, it needs little to no ironing.