“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”

– Anne Lappé

Sustainability is at our core

We started Earthy Route as a blog to create awareness about the perils of fast fashion. People then asked us - "What is the alternative?". This question spurred us to find out better alternatives and led us to launch our sustainable clothing line. Sustainability is not just a tag for us, it's in our DNA. It's why we started.

Versatile & Timeless

Different occasions demand different styles. Our clothes are effortlessly versatile allowing you to do more with less. To de-clutter.

Fashion has become too fast. We are trying to make it slow. Ageless. Seasonless. Generationless. Timeless.

Nature Based

Our fabrics are not just good for the environment but for you too. Perfect for the Indian weather. Airy & Breatheable. They will wrinkle a bit. But that's the beauty of being natural, isn't it?

About Lyocell.
About Linen

Who are we?

We are many things. We are conscious - about our surroundings, the people around us. We are mostly playful, sometimes grim. We are approachable, always. We are contemporary in design, but Indian by soul. One thing we can promise - we will always get Better :)

meet the founders

Gauri: Her creative bend, concern for the environment and a knack for getting things done makes her the task master at Earthy Route. She brings with her an eye for aesthetics and bountiful of energy. In her free time, you would definitely find her outdoors dancing her heart out! A CA who in her previous avatar has worked in Big 4’s.

Varun: Always a minimal. A finance nerd and nature lover (not the mountains are calling type) who has left trying to use his knowledge to make a difference. Avid reader and occasional writer. Always up for a chat on sports or a musical session. A CA who bought and sold financial instruments in his previous tenure at an MNC.