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Discover timeless wardrobe essentials that never go out of style. Shop from a wide-range of summer-ready colours.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Simple and Classic is my style and Earthy Route shirts offer me that perfect combination! I have recommended them to all my family and friends.
— Dr. Shrirang Upsani
Customer reviews
I loved them. The quality is so seamless & flowy! Just the way I wanted. I got so many compliments.
— Devrishi Mehta
Customer reviews
I’ve a good collection of ER shirts. The pink shirt is my favorite one! Very much appreciate what you’re doing ! Keep up the great work and keep inspiring!
— Dr. Rahul Nirmale
Customer reviews
I absolutely loved them, these days they are my go-to shirts for the weekend!
— Suresh Gupte
Customer reviews
Comfort and style. Extremely comfortable shirt with the softest fabric.
— Kaustubh Chintalapudi

earth-friendly fabrics

All our shirts are manufactured using fabrics made of natural fibers like Handloom Cotton, TENCEL™ Lyocell and Linen which have a significantly lower environmental footprint.

Zero Plastic Packaging

Our sleek and fuss-free paper-based envelope is made from FSC-certified wood. This envelope can be reused and then be composted. And the best part – it works as the perfect gift wrap!

Capsule wardrobe

Do more with less. Our clothes are designed to be versatile and suitable for various occasions. This is what we enable - sustainability at its core.


What fabrics do you use to make these summer-ready classic shirts?

We use fabrics made from nature-based fibres like TENCEL TM Lyocell and Linen. Lyocell is extracted from the wood of trees like eucalyptus, etc. Lyocell is naturally soft to touch and is moisture absorbent offering long-lasting comfort. Additionally, Lyocell has a low environmental footprint making Lyocell a fibre offering the best of both worlds. Read more here.

Linen is a fibre produced from the Flax plant and is known as the best fibre for summers due to its cooling properties. Read more here.

At Earthy Route, we use TENCEL branded Lyocell fibres which are considered to be the best in class.

What makes Earthy Route a sustainable brand?

By offering classic styles that transcend trends, we provide customers with wardrobe staples that they can wear for years, reducing the need to constantly replace clothing and minimizing their environmental impact.
Moreover, our classic styles always come in sustainable fabrics and can be used for multiple occasions.