"Fashion Industry is the second largest polluting industry in the world."

We started Earthy Route with a vision to provide better clothing alternatives to Fast Fashion. We want you to choose better, for you and for the environment. Sustainability is at our core and we are committed to building a brand that helps you consume mindfully.

It started with choosing bettER fabrics...

The Soft, silky & sustainable


Our fibres are manufactured by Lenzing & Aditya Birla which are leading companies in Lyocell production. The wood sourced for our Lyocell fibres is FSC Certified.

Why is Lyocell better for the environment?
- Consumes significantly less water than cotton
- Negligible use of pesticides & fertilizers in growing trees used for Lyocell production
- Closed Loop process of manufacturing with ~99.7% chemicals recovery
- Fully biodegradable & compostable

Is Lyocell only better for the planet? No, it's better for you too!

Summer friendly & eco friendly


Linen is a natural fabric produced from the Flax plant.

Why is Linen better for the environment?
- Consumes less than 60% of water required for cotton
- Requires negligible pesticides & fertilizers to grow.
- Fully biodegradable & compostable

Its not just about the fabrics...

Functional & Minimal

Zero Plastic Packaging

We pack and ship our products in FSC certified paper based envelopes. These envelopes are reuseable and at their end of lives can be composted.
The tags on our clothes are also paper based.


Factory Waste

A significant amount of waste is created in the manufacturing of clothes. We have taken an initiative wherein we recover more than 75% of our fabric waste and upcycle them to make useful products like Bags, laptop sleeves, hair tyes, etc. In doing so, we not only save the fabric from entering landfills but also generate employment.

Do more with less


Overconsumption is the biggest problem in the fashion industry. We firmly believe that choosing versatile clothing will decrease the need to purchase more. Different occasions demand different styling & not different clothes. We enable just that.

Another dimension of sustainability

Promoting Indian crafts

There are many winners when sustainable fabrics meet Indian printing techniques. Our endeavour is to create the best of both worlds.

Our journey has just begun. We are committed to getting better.
Keep cheering us.
Join us on the Earthy Route.