Earthy Route Founders

We started small - with a mission to help people make smarter & healthier fashion choices - along with doing the same for ourselves. We wrote blogs and tried our bit to spread awareness. On our way, we faced many questions. The most prominent one was – So what is the alternative? If not this, then what?

This question triggered the idea of a clothing brand – Apparel for the Conscious and the Curious. 

We realized that if we have to bring about a real change it would be by providing alternatives for all of us to consume BETTER.

Our idea was to create something which is SUSTAINABLE, TIMELESS & DURABLE.

Meet the Founders

Gauri Varty 
A chartered accountant by education, who worked in the corporate field to realise she is not cut out for it. One thing over the years was constant though, her love for dressing up and dressing up comfortably. Her creative bend, concern for the environment and a knack for getting things done makes her the task master at Earthy Route. She brings with her an eye for aesthetics and bountiful of energy. In her free time, you would definitely find her outdoors dancing her heart out!
Varun Shah 
A chartered accountant by profession and a finance nerd by experience, Varun has always loved his nature-walks as much as financial analysis. A dilemma of the economy furthering on one hand and the environment crumbling on another made him want to steer the ship of Earthy Route with Gauri. A sincere professional, he is responsible for the Blog Content at Earthy Route. His passion for the environment makes us take every decision at Earthy Route very thoughtfully.