We have become really mindful (or rather scared) to repeat outfits, because – “Log kya kahenge”? Not repeating outfits is like a social symbol. And kudos (sarcastic clap) to the celebrity and influencer culture we are in, repeating clothes has been looked down upon.

 Poo Meme Repeating Clothes Meme - Earthy Route

Earlier ‘Pooh’ used to keep a tab of your clothes and now your Camera and Instagram do it for you!

Our Mental Health is at stake

Despite having more than 10,000 decisions to make daily, we are stressed about repeating outfits. Why? Because – Log Kya kahenge. We have come to believe that others care about our outfits and we try to take immense care about what we wear. This belief has been fed by our paparazzi who don’t think much before shaming a celebrity for repeating an outfit.

In addition to Mental health, not repeating clothes is bad for our bank balance too if we continue buying new outfits for every occasion. Buying new clothes all the time is not good for the Environment also!

Repeating Clothes Meme - Earthy Route

30 Wear Rule

When buying a new outfit, use the 30 Wear Rule. This means to buy the outfit only if you are likely to wear it at least 30 times.

Repeating Clothes by washing meme - Earthy Route

If anyone asks you how and why you repeat your outfits

Change the look, not your outfit

Accessorize, Mix N Match – keep experimenting with your style. Try to pair the same top with Jeans, a skirt or shorts and you would be surprised to see how many different looks you can create.

If royalty i.e. Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is not shy to repeat outfits why are we being shy?

Check this blog out as she styles the same outfit multiple times. We hope more influencers will take note of this eventually!

Be Confident – That’s the best outfit to repeat!

If someone calls you out for repeating the same outfit, smile and reply to them like Anne Hathaway in the meme.

Repeating Clothes Anne Hathaway Meme - Earthy Route

You may end up changing the other person if you are very lucky.

Save yourself a load of mental stress & financial loss and end up doing the environment a big favour by just – Repeating your outfits!


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